Cash9ja – Naira Loan App

Apply for money online in the Cash9ja loan app and get your loan disbursed into your bank account. Please download and apply for loans for Cash9ja if you are looking for online loans, fast loans, or good loans in Nigeria.

Why Choose Cash9ja

✔ Quick access to loans – Get quick access to personal cash loans at favorable interest rates in just a few clicks.
✔ Easy loan availability – Enjoy access to a wide range of loans by
3-step paperless and digital processes on mobile phones.
✔ Multiple repayment methods – Through multiple repayment methods and repay on time to raise the higher loan amount.

Details for Loans

Loan Term: 91 days~180 days
Loan Amount: ₦2,000 ~ ₦100,000
APR: 30.66% (daily rate of interest 0.084%)
Service Fee: 5%

Cash9ja loan Example

If your loan amount is ₦50,000, and the term is 180 days. The calculation, including other applicable charges, is as below:
Loan Amount: ₦50,000
Service Fee: ₦2,500 = ₦50,000 * 5%
Total Interst: ₦7,560 = ₦50,000 * 0.084% * 180
Amount Payable: ₦60,060 = ₦50,000 + ₦7,560 + ₦2,500
Monthly Repayment: ₦10,010 = ₦60,060 / 6

Several steps to getting Cash9ja loan

1. Register an account using your phone number;
2. Fill in your basic information and submit;
3. Apply for the loan;
4. Deposit your loan directly into your bank account.

Cash9ja Application conditions

1. Nigeria Citizenship
2. Age between 20 to 55
3. Monthly income sources

Cash9ja Customer Service

We are always excited to hear from you!
Email: [email protected]
Address: 10A Alexander Rd, Ikoyi 106104, Lagos

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