EASELOAN Reliable Loan Online

EASELOAN is a loan app that provides Nigerians with easy and fast cash loans. The loan platform is very convenient. We use digital services to provide our customers with products that meet their needs. The entire loan process is very convenient and does not require any collateral.

Convenient and safe access to lending is our aim. Through online application processes, customers can easily apply for loans anywhere. Below are the brief introductions of the app, they will help you with loan applications while using EASELOAN ???.

Product Introduction

Loan Amount: ₦2,000 – ₦600,000
Loan Term: 91 days and above
Interest rate: 5%-20%, Maximum APR is 20% per year
Service fee: 0.1% – 0.5%

Loan Calculation Method

Loan Amt: ₦5,000
Loan Term: 1 year
Interest/charges: ₦5,000*15%= ₦750
Service fee: ₦5,000*0.4%=₦20
Gross Total Repayment Amt= Loan Amt + Interest/charges + Service fee =₦5,770

App Advantages

The online application process is done anywhere, anytime.
Apply for a loan only need 3 steps
Efficient and intelligent auditing, reducing waiting time
Convenient repayment method.

EASELOAN Loan Requirement

Age: 18~60 years old.
Valid mobile number (for any emergency about your loan).
Valid Nigerian ID (issued by the local government).

Apply & Repayment Method

Download EASELOAN.
Register your information and wait for the loan result.
Choose your preferred loan amount.
Re-lending more easily with a higher score after the last repayment on time.

Data Protection Policy

EASELOAN app treasures customer privacy more than anything else and will never enclose your personal information to any third parties without customer permission. Customer personal information will only be used to verify identifications and to evaluate qualifications while using the EASELOAN app.


Customer Service Hotline: 08168674754
Email: [email protected]

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