eNaira: Digital Representation of Naira Speed Wallet App (Combo)

The new eNaira Speed Wallet App (Combo) was designed and implemented to meet your expectations concerning usability (UI/UX), security, variety of other features to make your experience on the app worthwhile and proudly Nigerian content.

eNaira – Features to Look Out For

    • Two Apps in One in eNaira- The Jaeger version of the app is now a combo wallet app i.e. the consumer and merchant wallets can now be accessed on the same app. For those that have both wallet types, now you only need to have a single eNaira speed wallet app on your phone.
    • 10 Digit Wallet ID – We have introduced a 10-digit Wallet ID just like NUBAN for all wallets which can be used to log in to your eNaira Wallet, make and receive payments, make referrals, and lots more.
    • User Interface – User experience on applications is key for ease of use and user satisfaction. Multi-Theme (Light, Dusk, and Dark) has been introduced; You can now change your themes to Light, Dusk, or Dark.
    • Multilingual Services – The new eNaira Speed Wallet App now supports three major and one foreign language. (Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo & French). We believe that our culture should reflect on the app so Nigerians can personalize their experience.
    • Personalization – Profile Pictures have been introduced. Users can now upload their beautiful pictures on their profile, toggle notifications, subscribe to SMS notifications, and so on.
    • Security Features – The eNaira Speed Wallet comes with improved security features to ensure the safety and privacy of our users. Users are now required to create a 4-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) code to approve transactions with a unique password/biometric (fingerprint) authentication for login and a PIN to authorize transactions.
    • Device Authentication – We have also introduced device authentication (one device to one user profile), authenticated change of the device for theft prevention, and an authenticated password management button.
    • Transactional Features – The eNaira Speed Wallet comes with SMS/email/in-app alert notification for all transactions (Receipt & Payment of eNaira). Consumers, Merchants, and their employees can now receive SMS notifications for all payments using their individual employee wallet address/eNaira Tag.
    • Recipient Name Validation at Payments – Users are able to validate the destination wallet address before transactions are consummated. The eNaira Speed wallet QR code is now branded for ease of identification.
    • Sub-Wallets for Merchants – Merchants with different business entity locations can now create SubWallets for the various business locations.
    • Merchant Employee Management Module – The employee management feature enables Merchants to assign roles, responsibilities, and permissions to an employee based on their job description (e.g Cashier, Teller, Auditor, Authorizer & Payment officers). Each employee has a unique QR Code, but all payments will impact the Parent Merchant Wallet Account.
    • Payment/Approval Workflow – Payment from a merchant wallet.

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