Fair Loans it’s Easy to Apply

Whatever your needs are, with Fair loans it’s easy to apply for a small cash loan from 5000 to 30,000. Easy, Fast and Convenient
Can’t wait for your loan? Get a loan as quickly as possible with our simple and hassle-free loan application process,
Check out our quick credit with no paperwork!
Maybe it’s for that purchase you just can’t wait for, or to take advantage of a great deal before you miss the opportunity. Or, perhaps an unexpected expense has come up and you don’t want to compromise your lifestyle.


Get loan in 3 Easy Steps.

1. Create your account
2. Confirm Identification Details
3. Apply your loan


1. Loan Amount: 5,000 – 30,000 pesos.
2. Loan Term: 90 up to 365 days (3 – 12 Months)
3. Loan Interest rate: Flexible loan rates option, Maximum APR 24% pa
4. Transaction fee: zero

Minimum repayment period is 65 days while the maximum repayment period is 120 days, with a maximum APR is 24% per year
Rest assured, there are no hidden transaction fees. This makes it easy to know exactly what you’re signing up for. Too easy!


Fair Loans is awesome and here is why;

Instant access to loans sent straight to your mobile phone.
You can borrow more than 1 loan at a time. *As long as you are within your loan limit.*
Ability to sort out emergencies when they arise no matter where you are.
Your information is secure and is not shared with third parties.
Lowest interest rate in the market.
It is easy to use.

Example 1: The principal amount is PHP 5,000 and the interest rate is 24%, then the full amount will be paid at the expiration date: 5.000 * 24% + 5.000 = 6.200.

Example 2:
– Borrow NGN10, 000 over 6 months
– Interest rate: APR 24% p.a. (fixed)
– Total amount payable: NGN12400


Our Promise of Safety and Security

We take your privacy very seriously and we will never share your personal information with anyone except with strict permission from you. When you download the App, we will ask you for permissions to use your phone’s data such as SMS history and other information. This information will strictly be used to verify your identity and create a credit score.

Contact Fair Loans:
We would love to hear from you, write to us
Email: [email protected]

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