FlexFund Flexible Fund for You

FlexFund-Flexible Fund for YOU provide financial services for individuals when urgent needs arise. secure your personal information. Get a credit loan with simple application process and instant disbursement; no collateral, no hidden fees.


☆Loan Profile

– Loans range from ₦1,000 to ₦120,000 with terms from 91–180 days.
– Interest rate ranges from 6%-12% with an equivalent monthly interest of 2%-4% and APR of 24%-48%.
– Overdue interest 2%-5% per day.



If you choose a 91-day loan and borrow ₦5,000, the interest rate is 4% per month and the interest rate is 12%, we would charge you ₦600 as interest for a 91-day repayment period. So the total amount of repayment is ₦5,600.


☆How to apply loans

1.Download and sign up on FlexFund;
2.Fill up the loan application form;
3.Receive the loan to your bank account at any second.


☆Features of FlexFund:

1.Simple application;
2.No collateral;
3.No hidden fees;
4.Instant disbursement.


☆Loan Eligibility:

1. Nigeria Resident
2. Age between 18-60 years old
☆Contact FlexFund
Email address: [email protected]

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