CashFine – Instant Loans Up to NGN 800,000 with No Hassle

Are you in urgent need of a loan? CashFine can help you out! With our smart application, you can get a loan instantly without the hassle of long queues or wait times. There’s no need for collateral, guarantors, deposits, or guarantees. Download CashFine now and get your money within 5 minutes!

Who can use CashFine?

CashFine is available to anyone between the ages of 18-70 who has good credit performance and an android phone. Submitting your personal information is easy and straightforward.

Product Features:

At CashFine, we offer loans up to NGN 800,000 with a tenure of 91-360 days. The daily interest rate is 0.09%, and the annual interest rate is 32.85%. There is an origination fee rate of 12%, which is a one-time charge, and VAT of 7.5%. The APR is 64.45%.


For instance, if you take out a ₦10,000 loan with 120 days from CashFine, the total origination fee and VAT will be ₦1,290 (your principal 10,000 * origination fee rate 12% * (1+7.5%)). The total interest fee will be ₦1,080 (your principal 10,000 * tenure 120 days * AIR / 365 = 10000 * 32.85% * 120/365), and the total due amount will be 11,080 (principal10,000+interest fee1,080).

How does the application process work?

CashFine provides the best product and service to the people of Nigeria. We fulfill our customers’ financial needs 7*24, completely online. The application process takes just 3 steps with minimal documentation, and the approved loan amount is transferred to the applicant’s bank account.

Why is CashFine so instant?

We have dozens of experts providing high technology with our application services. We use the newest artificial intelligence system to control our risk and speed up the review flow.

How much can I borrow from CashFine?

We want to satisfy each user of CashFine. We offer NGN 800,000 as the largest quota with our users. However, our AI system needs some time to know our customers better, so the more times you borrow from us, the higher the quota you shall have.

How do I repay my loan?

To repay your loan, log in to your CashFine app and follow the instructions. Repay your loans before the due date to improve your credit score, gain access to higher quotas on the loan app, longer tenures, and lower interest rates. Our 7X24 customer service will support any of your repayment questions, making it easy to repay.

Contact Us

For questions, feedback, or concerns, please contact us at Plot 22, Isolo 102214, Lagos, Nigeria, call us at 7039230057 or email us at [email protected].

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