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Are you in need of immediate funds to meet your financial obligations? HenCredit, formally HenLoan, is here to provide you with a seamless borrowing experience. The online platform allows you to borrow money anytime, anywhere, ensuring convenience and reliability. Discover why HenCredit is the ideal choice for your financial needs.

Why Choose HenLoan?

  • No Collateral, No Paperwork: Experience a secure and hassle-free borrowing process without the need for collateral or extensive paperwork.
  • No Hidden Fees or Transaction Fees: Enjoy complete transparency with no hidden charges or unexpected fees when borrowing from HenCredit
  • Build Credit and Reduce Interest Rates: By repaying your loans on time or completing tasks to increase your credit limit, you can reduce your interest rates and build a more robust financial profile.

Simple Requirements

  • 1 Valid Bank Account: All you need is a valid bank account to apply for a loan with HenLoan.
  • Age Range: Applicants must be between 20 and 55 to qualify for loan services.
  • Nigeria Resident: services are exclusively available to residents of Nigeria.

HenCredit Features

  • Flexible HenCredit Loan Limits: Borrow any amount between NGN8,000 to NGN150,000, catering to a wide range of financial needs.
  • Variable Loan Terms: Choose a loan term ranging from 91 days to 365 days, allowing you to repay at your convenience.
  • Competitive Annual Percentage Rates (APR): Benefit from competitive interest rates with APR ranging from 24% to 55%, ensuring affordable borrowing.

Loan Repayment Example

Let’s consider an example to understand how loan repayment works. If you borrow NGN50,000 for a term of 100 days, with an APR of 40%, the interest calculation is as follows:

Interest = Loan Amount x APR / 365 x Term

= 50000 x 40% / 365 x 100

= 5479.46 NGN

Therefore, the total Amount due at the end of the loan term would be:

Total Amount Due = Loan Amount + Interest

= 50000 + 5479.46

= 55479.46 NGN

Simple Steps to Get a HenCredit Loan

  1. Download and Register an Account: Download the HenCredit user-friendly mobile app and create an account to access loan services.
  2. Fill out Basic Information and Submit: Provide the necessary details through the app to complete your loan application quickly.
  3. Activate Your Credit Limit: Once your application is approved, activate your credit limit to unlock your borrowing potential.
  4. Withdraw Cash to Your Bank Account: Transfer the loaned Amount directly to your bank account, allowing you to utilize the funds as needed.

If you have any questions or need assistance at any stage of the process, our dedicated support team is available to help.

Contact HenLoan or HenCredit

For any queries or concerns, please feel free to contact us using the following details:

Service Email: [email protected]

Office Address: 34 Jos – Bauchi Road, Jos, Plateau State

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