NowNow – free Mobile Banking Open in Just 5 Minutes

With NowNow, you can do all your transactions in one place, quickly and securely.

The New New Way to Bank

Experience a 100% mobile banking experience with just a few taps! Enjoy lightning-fast transfers and open your NowNow account in just 5 minutes.

Features You’ll Love

  • Up to 5% cashback on airtime top-up
  • Confidently pay anywhere, anytime with your NowNow debit card
  • Scan to pay securely in seconds

Get Started Today

Opening a NowNow account is easy and stress-free. All you need is a phone and 5 minutes to spare. No maintenance fee, no deductions, no minimum balance. Don’t have a smartphone? Just walk up to any NowNow agent to open a wallet account.

Enjoy a 100% Mobile Experience

Take the bank with you on-the-go. Send money, receive money, and pay bills on your terms, without ever leaving your phone.

NowNow Super Fast Transfers

Instantly send or receive transfers to anyone, anywhere. You can even send money to someone without an account number, just their phone number!

Airtime Top-up

Recharge airtime and data for yourself or your loved ones, and get up to 5% cashback on every recharge.

NowNow Debit Card

Sign up and get a free virtual card, plus a physical NowNow debit Mastercard delivered straight to your doorstep in days. You can lock, unlock, set withdrawal limit, and freeze your card anytime.

NowNow QR Code for Secure Transactions

Enjoy the flexibility of using a contactless mode to pay in a fast, easy, and secure way with QR code technology.

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