Okilo Cash Quick loan

Okilo Cash loans range from ₦10,000 to ₦350,000, and the permissible age limit to apply is 21 years. The loan term can be between 90 to 360 days.
Interest Annual Percentage Rate(APR) ranges from between 5% – 25%.
For example, the amount of ₦30000 with a limit of 120 days. The interest rate of 25% / per year
• The monthly payment is: ₦ 8125
• The amount of interest for the entire loan is ₦ 2500
• The processing fee charged is: ₦ 0
• The total payment is: ₦ 32500
• EIR is: 2.08%

A typical example is this:

• We require no collateral. You only need to download our Okilo Cash-quick loan app on your mobile phone.
• We cater to all categories of loan requests. Whether you are self-employed or a salary earner, our loans are readily available to help meet that immediate need.

WHY Okilo Cash-quick loan?

Okilo Cash-quick Loan offers affordable online loans that cater to customers from Nigeria.

Easy Application

The application process is entirely digital and hassle-free and can be completed with the help of your mobile phone anywhere. You can apply for short-term loans online and get the money you need to pay for medical emergencies, car or home repairs, or for everything you need and other necessities. Read more about our loans app and how to apply for money loans now!

Transfers & Bill Payment

We offer both Inter and Intra Bank transfer services to any Nigeria Bank account.


Your privacy is very important to us. Verify your identity and submit all the requirements in the app to complete your loan application.

Okilo Cash Loan

->1 valid Emirates ID
-> 1 valid bank account
-> Age 20 – 55
-> UAE Resident

Okilo Cash Customer Care:

Harago Financial Services Pvt Ltd
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +234 08084948272
Address:7 Jesudola Street Lagos Adamo Town, Lagos, Federal Republic of Nigeria

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