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Opay Business Developer Guide, an exceptional resource where you can explore the creation of seamless payment experiences using OPay’s robust APIs. These RESTful APIs are designed with security in mind, adhering to PCI compliance standards, and offer extensive functionality for both payment receipt and disbursement. This hub is your gateway to comprehensive documentation and essential tools to seamlessly integrate our APIs into your unique payment use cases.

OPay Offers

As a premier payment processing technology service provider, OPay presents an extensive array of comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate to cater to a wide range of merchant needs, spanning core businesses, products, and services. The integration experience is designed to be fluid, ensuring a harmonious partnership with your business endeavors.

Payment Methods Tailored to Your Business

Depending on your specific core business requirements, preferred collection methods, and average monthly collection volume, OPay offers a diverse range of payment methods to choose from. Our versatile offerings empower you to tailor your payment approach for optimal results.

  • Utilize Opay Online Payment Solutions to effortlessly add products via your merchant dashboard.
  • Streamline invoice generation and delivery directly to your customers.
  • Effortlessly integrate your existing online business applications with our Express Checkout solutions.
  • Create a fully customized checkout experience and seamlessly integrate with our payment gateway using our server-side APIs.

Multiple Integration Pathways

Your journey to integrate with OPay’s online payment APIs offers a range of pathways, from utilizing pre-built integrations to crafting a bespoke UI for complete control over the checkout experience.

OPay Business App: A Holistic Retail Solution

The OPay Business App is meticulously crafted to meet the diverse retail needs of various businesses. It provides an array of functionalities, including omnichannel collection methods, store and employee management, bill payments, and more. These features synergize to fortify your business’s security, amplify profitability, and enhance overall efficiency.

Express Checkout Made Effortless

For a seamless and frictionless integration experience, OPay Cashier stands as the optimal choice. This feature-rich solution delivers the checkout experience your clients anticipate, presenting a flexible, optimized, and secure payment page hosted by OPay. Embrace the power of OPay Cashier to:

  • Design a self-branded order review and checkout form tailored to your brand identity.
  • Create a bespoke button to seamlessly redirect clients to OPay Cashier.
  • Receive comprehensive charge responses via your designated callback notification URL.

OPay Cashier is the preferred route, particularly if you seek an integration method that seamlessly aligns with web applications. This is especially beneficial if your business model does not accommodate hosting a payment form or relies on email and call centre orders for transactions.

Empower Your Brand with Server APIs

OPay’s server-side APIs empower you to craft tailored UIs for each payment method, granting you unprecedented control over your user experience. This route enables you to:

  • Create a checkout journey featuring self-branded UI/UX elements.
  • Customize the payment options selection form for your clients.
  • Receive real-time callback notifications for transaction status updates.
  • Monitor transaction status at your convenience.

When a payment solution resonating with your brand identity is paramount, our server APIs deliver the means to realize that vision. This route facilitates complete customization and control over your UI/UX, ensuring a seamless alignment with your brand identity while optimizing the payment process.

Feature-Rich Platform to Elevate Your Business

The OPay Business platform offers an expansive array of features to empower your business:

  • Diversified payment collection methods tailored to your preferences.
  • Access to a unique account designed for seamless fund transfers.
  • Effortless application and management of your OPay Point of Sale (POS) system.
  • Centralized management of branches and employees through a unified app.
  • Downloadable statements and comprehensive reports offering valuable business insights.
  • Access to over 200 billers spanning airtime, data, utilities, and more.

Elevate your business’s potential with OPay Business, where innovation meets seamless financial management.

Unlock the World with OPay Debit Card

Experience newfound convenience with the OPay Debit Card, obtainable from select OPay agent stores or through the OPay App. This card serves as your gateway to the world, offering:

  • Ten complimentary ATM withdrawals each month.
  • No charges for card maintenance.
  • Universal recognition at ATMs, POS terminals, and online platforms.

Fortified Security and Privacy

Your security and privacy remain our paramount concerns at OPay. Our advanced fraud detection mechanisms safeguard your transactions, while robust cryptography ensures the encryption and security of your data. Rigorous daily system scans further mitigate potential security threats.

Furthermore, our unwavering commitment to PCI DSS compliance guarantees the safety and security of your transactions. Stringent security protocols and encryption underpin all transactions, preserving the integrity of your data. Rest assured, every transaction you undertake with us is fortified by advanced security measures.

Empowering Financial Inclusivity

At the heart of OPay’s mission is the promotion of financial inclusivity through technology, fostering shared prosperity. Beyond serving as a mere payment company, OPay offers a comprehensive mobile-based platform encompassing payments, transfers, loans, savings, and essential services, extending this empowerment to individuals.

With a user base exceeding 18 million registered app users and a network of 500,000 agents in Nigeria alone, OPay stands as the preferred choice for money transfers, bill payments, and more. The reach extends across continents, including Asia, Africa, and Latin America, with a presence in countries like Mexico, Nigeria, Egypt, and Pakistan.

A Noble Endeavor

The driving force behind OPay’s endeavors is the sobering reality that over 60% of individuals in Africa lack access to fundamental financial services. This exclusion hampers their ability

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