Tik Credit Mobile online loan

Tik Credit Mobile online loan process
1. Install the Tik Credit app.
2. Register an account in the Tik Credit app (read Tik Credit’s privacy policy carefully)
3. Select the amount range provided by Tik Credit
4. Fill in your personal information, work information, contact information, bank card information and submit the application.
5. After submitting, you may receive a call, review and confirmation. The final application result will be shown in the application and if approved, you will receive an SMS notification.
6. Bank card received Tik Credit loan
7. You need to repay on time, Tik Credit can revolve borrowing
8. Terms and Fees:
Loan Amount: NGN10,000-100,000
Loan term: 100 days – 365 days
Service fee: 0
Annual Interest Rate (APR): 15%-30%
Overdue fine: 1%/day
9. E.g

If you have a 100-day term, the loan amount is NGN10,000, the annual interest rate is 20%, and it is 3 days past due. Then, your interest=10000×20%/365×100=547.94, overdue fee=10000*1%*3=300, so the total repayment=10000+547.94+300=10847.94

Contact Email:[email protected]
Contact Address:no 15 bameke street shasha akuwonjo egbeda lagos

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